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IMA strategist
Some strategies are very personal. It represents the vision of a leader or a small group of leaders. Development of the corporate or business unit strategies are therefore often done with input from only a small number of stakeholders. We offer solutions to create, test and implement strategies. 
Business model reconsideration 
Many operational challenges have operational causes. Some, however, are caused by strategic or business model shortcomings. Business models should continuously be tested, adapted or overhauled. IMA assist our clients in identifying and testing alternative business models in a low risk environment.  

Future-proofing strategy 
The leaders who have developed a corporate strategy are often those in the organization who are most knowledgeable about the internal and external landscape. Some strategies are strongly focused on future-proofing the organisation, ensuring that it remains valid. IMA assists our clients in testing the future-readiness of their strategies. 

Strategy vs. capability alignment 
Strategies are future-focused. It contains large dreams and wonderful objectives. It is important that the internal capabilities or potential are aligned with such a strategy. IMA will conduct a Strategy Capability Alignment Analysis to determine if, and ensure that, internal capabilities are able to deliver on those strategies.  

IMA assists customers in implementing corporate or business unit strategies through process reengineering. 

I am a Strategist.
I see the bigger picture.
I see the future.