Be infinite
For centuries learning took place in the same way. Apprentices learned from doing. Academic material was transferred from an all-knowing teacher to students in a class room. Possibly for the first time in history, this is changing, both in terms of demands and available methodologies.
The fourth industrial revolution 
It is easy to assume that capabilities related to the fourth industrial revolution are IT-based. There are, however, more critical skills needed for individuals to survive and thrive during the 4IR. These are high level cognitive skills and, because of the difficulties involved in measuring these skills, learning initiatives often do not focus on these. IMA provides custom made learning programmes focusing on 4IR skills such as Complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, active listening, people management and negotiating. 

Data Sciences and Analytics (Statistics) 
The importance of data sciences and data analytics has grown to such an extent that many positions require these skills as at least beneficial. For many positions these skills are critical. It is also listed as a critical 4IR skill. IMA provides learning programmes starting with combatting the fear of numbers. We provide our delegates with basic database and statistical knowledge, with custom-made advanced programmes made available.  

Innovative methodologies 
Through a variety of immersive experiences, master classes, interactive workshops and other learning methods, maximum impact is achieved. The methodology is based on the outcomes and content, and not the other way around.  

From no knowledge to employable 
IMA’s web design programme covers computer literacy, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Delegates need no prior IT background and, if successful, will be able to create web sites with some Javascript functionality in one year. It is the gateway to the development landscape to those who never had the opportunity to enter this field, with the possibility to shift futures. This programme is ideal for Corporate Social Investments aimed at actual impact and measurable deliverables.  

Custom-made, fit-for-purpose learning initiatives
Anything can be learned. IMA starts at the outcomes and organizational needs and develops a learning programme to achieve those outcomes.  

I am a Learner
I evolve
My potential is infinite.

"Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching"
                                   -  Lin Pernille