Be infinite
Management Consulting inspired by People
Business is not business anymore. Business is people. Business is human. 

People are the foundations of who we are, how we talk and how we interact. They are the driving force that propels us forward. The breath-taking moments that give us pause. They are our successes. They are our failures. 

They are us. We are them. We are human.  

Intermind Agency South Africa is a Management Consultancy that believes in the infinite possibilities embedded within the people making up an organization. While we are not ignorant to the environmental, process and structural elements of business, we believe in the power of understanding, developing, inspiring and valuing people. This forms the basis of our services and solutions.  

Be a leader. Be a strategist. Be a lifelong learner, a creative, a futurist.

Be infinite.

IMA strategist
I am a leader. A pioneer. A visionary.  

IMA enables leaders. We provide a context-specific leadership development journey for existing and aspiring leaders.  

I am a strategist.  I see the future.  

Corporate strategy represents the vision of a single or small group of leaders. Development of the corporate or business unit strategies are therefore often done with input from only a small number of stakeholders. We offer solutions to create, test and implement strategies

I am a learner. I evolve. I am infinite. 

For centuries learning took place in the same way. Possibly for the first time in history, this is changing, both in terms of demands and available methodologies.  

IMA creative
IMA influencer
IMA futurist 
I am a creative. I create beauty.  

A well written word speaks louder than a picture. IMA Creative offers a variety of creative solutions, including copywriting, advertisements and video. 

I am an influencer. I am social. I am trending. 

Social media has become an essential element in any campaign and online presence. IMA provides an integrated social media solution.

I am a futurist. I will remain relevant.  

When an organisation is the best in its industry, it should change. Because the environment changes. The world changes. How will we remain relevant in 10 to 20 years?